Presenting science, fake news and clickbaiting the stupid.

You can tell by the title that i am angry…. Its for a good reason. As i was writing my last article on GMOs, i found an article on a website that appears to beg for money.

This is the title and slogan…

Not sure though if truth is their first priority….

Just read the title of the article

It can’t be true right?

At least they give a source, and it is an actual article.

It is a well made article. It has a large enough sample size, valid methods and while it could be improved the results appear similar to those obtained by others in the past.

So, yes fragments of DNA from food can get into the bloodstream.

My first though was so what? DNA from everything we eat gets in contact with our cells anyways. It’s not like it will magically get incorporated into our genome…

Viruses have unique mechanisms but other animals and plants don’t.

Thankfully the original article states that, and simply presents the findings saying at the end that we do not know what this may be causing to our health.

It also quotes another article referring to GMOs and how gene transfer could be an issue. But both articles conclude that we do not have any evidence suggesting that DNA from foods can be taken up by our cells or even our gut bacteria.

And this random article takes this and presents it like its the end of the world and GMOs are deadly. Of course it starts with some facts build up some trust so that you know how literate they are apparently. Then they suggest things with no conclusion just to keep safe. And then you get the comments…..

There is my problem!

The comments, because people, uneducated people will believe things like this and will interpret them in weird ways without doing any further research.

Everything here is wrong. It makes me so angry to read this. And it has 77 shares on Facebook.

This is a very good example on how fake news can become popular. They took a study and turned it into whatever they wanted. And i think i know the reason too…. Just look at the amount of ads… and irrelevant ads on this website. This is why people use Adblock, and why responsible science journalists have a hard time making any revenue for their work.

I wont keep complaining though… you get my point. I just want to tell you to keep your eyes open for such articles, check for sources and their validity and never trust only one source for your information and news. If you like Qul Mind like on Facebook follow on Twitter for news but also follow other credible and respected scientific websites. One day i might get something wrong… Be smart when you get your information. I know its hard but that’s what we should do. And you can trust me to deliver well researched articles but critical thinking is always important, try to question what you read.

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