Brain regenerating gel can potentially treat stroke patients.

By GerryShaw – Using a confocal microscope and fluoresent antibody stainingPreviously published: 2015-11-10, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Researchers in UCLA have developed a new gel that can help damaged areas of the brain regenerate. This was done by creating a water-based gel with molecules that stimulate angiogenesis, growth and suppress inflammation. This gel was placed in areas of the brain where damage was induced by stroke.

This experiment was performed in mice. While the mice used where young and an older model would be better, since strokes tend to occur in older ages, it is a good step towards the development of new therapies for stroke patients.

Mice and especially younger ones have greater regenerative capacity compared to adult humans. This may end up delaying the development of potential therapies based on this type of gels. It is though very promising given the current results and i am excited to see if in the future this method succeeds and becomes an actual therapy.

Maybe stem cells can be involved to create a 3D printed pattern with cells and growth factors just like 3D bioprinting in a hydrogel that is later implanted in the brain. This area of research is very interesting and i think has great potential.

If you are interested i have linked below, the original article and a website with a few words from the researchers. For more science news and other articles make sure to follow on Twitter and Facebook.

Sources: Dual-function injectable angiogenic biomaterial for the repair of brain tissue following stroke, Mice regrow brain tissue after stroke with bioengineered gel

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