The problem with Westworld. (Consciousness)

This may seem one of the most random topics on this website but trust me it’s relevant. In uni I focused on healthcare and genetics, but my degree is in biology so I ended up with some additional knowledge on behaviour, brains and cognition. Since Westworld came out I became ”obsessed”, I watched every episode and followed every theory. For this post I will assume you know about Westworld and I will just get into it.

The problem is with consciousness, it is so hard to define and the show is so heavily based on it. At this point I am waiting for episode 8 of season 2. and now what we have seen is that the owner/Investor if Westworld wanted to achieve immortality by transferring his mind to a host. But in his brain, in his biological brain, where is consciousness? Even they don’t seem to be sure, they appear to have gathered all the data that can possibly be gathered from him before his death, like behavioural characteristics, genetics, brain activity etc. They used this to make a host, but this host is just a copy of Delos, not Delos himself.

Now, you can argue that there is nothing special about humans, we live in a deterministic universe and all our decisions all that consciousness is just an illusion, everything moves predictably based on how the big bang particles moved and interacted with each other.

(although some say that there are aspects of the universe we do not know and there appears to be some randomness there and through that randomness there may be something not dependent on any force thus random that affects us and thus makes us non-deterministic or something… I am not a physicist)

Anyways, my point is that, how can consciousness not exist as Ford says in one of the first episodes of season 1, but then have him talk about conscious hosts and how they have to determine and make their own path? It’s weird isn’t it?

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