Vaping, health risks and benefits compared to smoking cigarettes.

Vaping has gained a lot of popularity but how does it affect health?

Electronic cigarettes are very popular, especially among younger adults but still they do have negative health effects. Someone might choose to use an e-cig mostly to quit smoking regular cigarettes. Whether that is effective or not we will determine here according to recent studies.

According to a recent studies, younger adults were more likely to use e-cigs for the flavour rather than the intention of quitting smoking. Older adults usually chose e-cigs to reduce the negative health effects of normal cigarettes.

Certainly smoking is bad, very bad, so bad that if i were to start explaining all the negative health effects and risks that even one cigarette introduces to an individual i would need hundreds of pages and i would lose all the readers from boredom in the first few lines. So, it is logical that vaping, or e-cigs are a much safer alternative, but one that doesn’t seem to be very effective in cutting the habit, rather than replacing the substances involved in the habit. If you want to be the healthiest, just quit smoking anything, it may require some strength, psychologically, but then you will be and probably feel better too.

How bad is vaping though?

Vaping isn’t good. That’s for sure. There are certainly carcinogens in the vapour of e-cigs but in amounts that are hard to detect and have low chances of affecting your health. But they are there. I would have given a more definite answer but the research on vaping and its health effects is so limited at the moments that i cannot provide a definite answer. This is scary though, if you consider that many parents give e-cigs to their teenage children “to avoid smoking cigarettes”. You may have an opinion on this and if so feel free to argue and discuss this in the comments under the post, but i believe this approach is not reasonable. The reason why a teenager will smoke is because he wants to fit in or he wants to look like a famous actor or even show off to impress a girl or a boy. Maybe he wants to show his independence from his parents. With that in mind, an e-cig will eventually be considered by the teenager “lame” (or whatever kids say these days). At least that’s what i think, i am not a psychologist though or an expert in this field.

Vaping health risks depend on the wattage of an e-cig, the amount of heat applied to the liquid that is vaporized and then inhaled and the nature of that liquid. In general, e-cigs do introduce substances into the lungs that can be considered toxins even in low concentrations, and they do harm cells eventually. They also include some chemicals that are considered carcinogens. On the other hand it has to b said that the amount are too small, and while certainly not healthy, e-cigs are way less harmful than regular tobacco cigarettes.

Personally i dislike feeling like i am dependent on a substance and i admire someone’s psychological strength to quit without any e-cig assistance, or even more i admire someone’s strength to not even start smoking in the first place. But thats me. What i learned here, researching the basics of this topic is that vaping is a very safe alternative to smoking and that’s it. It has some drawbacks and therefore should be considered by non-smokers. What i also found is that vaping is very new, and there is very little research on it and a lot of profit, that may lead to “funded”/”influenced” studies to support their safety. So be sceptical, think critically and do your own personal research in such topics that affect your health. I hope this article helped you, i have linked to some of the articles i found bellow if you would like to further study this topic.


Abstract P103: Age Differences in Patterns of Use, Health Knowledge, Perception, and Intention to Quit Among Current E-Cigarette Users ,
Health professionals in Flanders perceive the potential health risks of vaping as lower than those of smoking but do not recommend using e-cigarettes to their smoking patients , E-cigarettes as a source of toxic and potentially carcinogenic metals

Good one -> Vaping and Health: What Do We Know about E-Cigarettes?

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