Spherical CMOS sensor being developed.

A recent patent showed up, for an omnidirectional optical sensor array. It basically portrays a CMOS sensor, whose individual light sensing modules are forming a sphere. It also describes a circuit that automatically renders the information and assembles a file that is easily digestible by a computer, making the files less demanding on the processor and potentially lower in size.

Applications for such a sensor can vary. Modern 360 cameras have gained popularity, but they depend heavily on processing and on lenses. Additionally, multiple cameras are requires and the stitching of the image may have imperfections. This will hopefully overcome those limitations.

Another application for such a sensor will certainly be security, being able to see multiple angles from a single camera position and being able to handle the video stream with inexpensive equipment.

The there is VR and more specific applications, like robotics, research and military applications. I found it really interesting and i will be waiting for products with such tech included. If you want to read more on this patent you will find the link below in the sources.

Sources: Omnidirectional sensor array system

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    1. My goal is to discuss positives and negatives equally. To make it easier for the reader to understand what a researcher invented and what else needs to be done for this technology to become useful. Thank you for the feedback.

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