The next google glass might help you remember faces and avoid uncomfortable situations.

It has happened to everyone. You walk into a party someone comes to you and starts talking about how you used to be best friends and you got lost at some point and you don’t remember who he/she is.

What is you can just ask google that. Imagine wearing the Google Glass 2019 and it automatically displaying for you without even asking, the name and basic information of the person you are talking to.

Right now google can do this with music. If you are in a room with music playing it will automatically show you the title of the song playing, no need to ask.

A new study showed that the accuracy of face detection in old google glass hardware can be improved significantly. Imagine new hardware, algorithms and sensors too. At which point is it a privacy issue?

It seems normal at first but think about this guy or girl that you can’t avoid at any party having immediately all your social media accounts just by looking at you. It is as creepy as getting a phone call from a google assistant sounding more realistic than an actual real person. We are definitely getting closer to a future with “black mirror” level technology.

The question is how will we use it. Will it be regulated? And if so will that hurt innovation? So many great questions. I would like to know what you think. Let me know in the comments and let’s have a discussion.

Sources: Sensor-Assisted Multi-View Face Recognition System on Smart Glass


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