Inflamm-aging or Inflamm-inactivity?

Inflammation is a result of our body attempting to fix any damage that may have been caused by external or internal factors. Our bodies aren’t perfect, but thankfully they do have mechanisms (like inflammation) to help fix any damage that may occur as a result of those “imperfections”.

Inflammaging has been used to describe the result of chronic inflammation. Even low levels of chronic, sustained inflammation may lead eventually to cellular damage and then to the development of disease. It has been proven that while inflammation protects our body from infection and disease, it too has some imperfections that cause unnecessary cellular damage. As a result this term, inflammaging was made to describe this whole process of inflammation as a natural response leading to cellular damage that accumulates over time and eventually causes disease. The diseases we include in the diseases of old age, are all linked to some degree with chronic inflammation.

We have always known that certain factors that induce an inflammatory response contribute to the development of certain diseases. But this article investigated how inactivity contributes to inflammation and thus accumulation of cellular damage and disease. They found that inactivity does lead to elevated inflammation biomarkers. Additionally they found that inactivity does increase with ageing.

So, does this mean that inactivity leads to ageing and age related disease? I am sure it doesn’t help, but i dont think its that simple. The most possible explanation is that various factors lead to ageing and those eventually make it harder for individuals to exercise and this further increases the rate at which that individual ages and accumulates damage.

If you are older and still exercise, that’s great keep it up, it will probably make you live better for longer. As we have been observing for quite a while, physical activity does help with health and inflammation.

Sources: Elevated Inflammatory Status and Increased Risk of Chronic Disease in Chronological Aging: Inflamm-aging or Inflamm-inactivity?


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