New antioxidant superfoods from Nigeria.

A recent study (linked at the end of this article) determined the antioxidant potential of seven spices consumed in Southern Nigeria. Many spices are functional foods, they have health benefits based on chemicals present in them. Those chemicals tend to have a positive result when consumed. Additionally most of those spices are consumed in small amounts so even if one of them is high in fats, the amount would be insignificant. The benefits though would probably be significant.

There are no in-vivo results yet, but the results presented, analyzing the chemical composition of those plants, revealed their potential to provide health benefits. It is very interesting, discovering such chemicals that have not been studied yet, as some will eventually be found to have great properties for medicine.

In further studies it would be great to see the genetic pathways affected by those compounds and how those pathways may help patients suffering from various diseases. In a recent post, we discussed how curcumin, is an amazing spice that has great health benefits and should be included in everyone’s diet, because it can be and it doesn’t add anything unhealthy at all.

Some of the healthiest spices include: chili pepper, ginger, cinnamon, Turmeric (curcumin), saffron, etc. Those can be found almost everywhere and they can be added to most dishes. Depending on your preference you can include one or multiple in your diet and enjoy their anti-inflammatory and other health benefits. All that while adding no fats, sugars or anything else you might be trying to avoid in your diet. Adding the fact that recent studies show that spices tend to have great results in diabetics, you may need to ask you doctor for the best spices for your condition and include them daily.

Now, it may sound too good to be true, and while great, it will not cure any disease. But, it will help you body be healthier in a cellular level. Some people think that eventually all that repaired damage will lead to an increased lifespan. But the conclusion as i said before remains the same, it doesn’t hurt to include them in your diet.

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Sources: Chemical composition and antioxidant activities of some indigenous spices consumed in Nigeria

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