Intel develops new ways of synchronizing GPU and CPU cores.

In a recent patent, Intel describes a mechanism which allows GPU and CPU systems to access resources and process functions from a single program depending on the requirements.

Intel makes CPUs that almost always include an integrated GPU. There are architectural differences between the two that make each more suitable for different applications. The simplest example is graphics. Graphics are best processed on the GPU. But there are some other calculations that work best on a GPU. In a single program both systems can be used but within a specific section of code only one can be assigned.

Intel here showed that there is a way to allow the same section of code to work in both units and thus be accelerated under such conditions.

This may be great in systems with both a dedicated and an integrated GPU as the GPU in the processor may be able to be used as extra transistors for the CPU in a system where all the graphics processing is assigned to the dedicated GPU.

It is an interesting development from Intel and one that may help the perform better than AMD in the consumer CPU space. AMD though has some great graphics technologies too and they may develop a similar technology too.

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Images: By Gormé [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, from Wikimedia Commons

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