Ryzen Pro and Threadripper 2nd Generation coming in the second half of 2018.

AMD has released some interesting CPUs and continues with the second generation of the Ryzen processors. Although it was a bit underwhelming seeing that the performance didn’t change much. We are still expecting a second design of the Zen architecture but this will probably come later in 2019.

In an investors presentation, we can see that soon, AMD plans to release second generation Threadripper processors and Ryzen Pro second gen. We have already seen a demonstration with a 32 core EPYC chip, but this is a Xeon equivalent, it is a server chip. When we see the next generation, high end Threadripper we might see one with less than 32 cores, with three functional modules instead of the 4 on the EPYC processors. If that produces a higher yield and thus lower cost.

AMD has invested heavily on features like virtualization that are useful for workstations, businesses and professionals. And while AMD does sell gaming hardware through Sony and Microsoft it would be nice to see the focus on gaming.

Personally i like the way AMD works. I prefer workstations and i rarely game on my computer. But AMD as much as i like it has some huge competitors. Both Intel and Nvidia have developed powerful and efficient chips and have a lot more money available to invest in development of new technologies. An example would be the Nvidia made chip in the Nintendo Switch. If AMD can improve efficiency it would be interesting to see an AMD chip in the next Switch although that seems unlikely.

Ryzen Pro remains for me a weird processor as i don’t see any reason for someone to use it instead of other solution more redundant and reliable for system stability.

Comment to let me know what you think and for more information follow Qul Mind.

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