Is Sony out of ideas for the A7Siii ? (Rumours)

The A7Sii was and still remains if not the best, one of the best video cameras for consumers and enthusiasts. It has been so good for most people that the next upgrade that made sense was costing in most cases 3x more. But how can Sony improve it?

Sony recently updated its professional cameras with several features but most of those wouldn’t be possible in the form factor of an A7S and if they do they would make the bigger cinema cameras obsolete. The cinema cameras from Sony focused this year on colour reproduction, noise, and recording formats. Features like sensors and processors were not changed much.

The A7S line sure has room to improve but how much will Sony improve a 2-3k$ camera if they still want to sell their cinema bodies? I don’t think they will give the A7Siii the new colour science. I think they may upgrade the EVF with a higher frame rate and resolution display. They may also add a better stabilization system, improved autofocus algorithms and a minor body redesign.

Sensor and processor changes if they exist will probably be very small. But still if they release a new model anytime soon it will be certainly amazing. It remains to be seen though if it will improve in the areas that it is behind competitors.

I haven’t found any rumours that sony plans to fix the display movement mechanism to make it more friendly for vloggers. They will probably still keep video at 8bit for internal recording. And i don’t think they will introduce ProRes or any other RAW recording mode. Although they may do it, competition from blackmagic with their new pocket cinema camera and from panasonic with the GH5s is getting more serious.

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Image: By Denis Barthel – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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