Low fat vs low carbohydrate diet, and why none of it matters.

Obesity is a problem that affects millions of people and it is not going anywhere. For some people it is nearly impossible to exercise and for others the problem may be even more complex, involving psychological issues. So it is clear that solutions must be found as quickly as possible. If you have ever attempted to find a diet that will make you lose weight and fat online you may have found tons of option but which one is best? And more specifically which one will work best for you.

We all have genetic differences, we do not metabolize the same nutrients in the same way so it is logical that different people will require different diets to lose weight. For now experts use other methods to determine which foods you metabolize best but in the future genetic assays will be used by a lot more experts to deliver personalized medicine. This is great for tons of reasons. It is thought that personalized medicine will help us cure diseases way faster and with a lot less side effects.

In a recent study, (linked in the sources of this article) 609 adults were included and an experiment was performed. The team of researchers performed a genetic test to determine which participants had which gene variants (SNPs). Then some were given a low fat diet and some a low carbohydrate diet. In theory, those with the SNPs, the genetic variants best optimized for metabolizing carbohydrates or fat would perform best at exactly that. But in the end of the experiment, neither genotype nor insulin made any difference.

This study was not perfect and it had some pretty significant limitations. But there should be even a small difference based on other studies. One possible explanation would be that those genotypes tested weren’t the ones affecting metabolism. Or they did but the effect was insignificant especially for a test like that.

But it made me think of something else. It made me think of what every expert would say when recommending a diet. Because of course you may be able to metabolize one food better than another and that may ultimately make you lose weight faster, but unless you are obese to the point of being unable to live, this doesn’t really apply to you.

A person who is dying from obesity will depend on such studies and if you are in such a situation i hope a solution is found for you but from this study the results are not great. It doesn’t seem that cutting fat or carbohydrates differs. Just cut both i guess.

For a healthy person who put on weight and attempts to lose it for the summer, don’t analyze it that much, it’s probably unrelated to fat or carbohydrates. It has to do with the frequency of your meals, the quantity and the quality. You need to balance your carbohydrate, fat and protein intake based on your gender, weight and exercise frequency and intensity. As any expert would say. From this study at least you know that in most cases whichever you decide to reduce will have the same result for weight loss.

Finally, since you clicked on this article it means that you are interested in weight loss and health. Leave a comment with your story and i will try to do research on it and give you some information on it. Or just let me know if i am wrong, your opinion, anything. Let’s have a discussion. And for more tech and science news follow Qul Mind.

Sources: Effect of Low-Fat vs Low-Carbohydrate Diet on 12-Month Weight Loss in Overweight Adults and the Association With Genotype Pattern or Insulin Secretion The DIETFITS Randomized Clinical Trial


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