Should Canon be afraid of Sony? (camera tech)

Sony has been making cameras focused on incredible specs for the price since the release of the first α7. Canon on the other hand while they have been trying to make mirrorless cameras they keep “failing”. At least that’s how i see it. None of their mirrorless cameras make sense compared to the competition or even their own DSLRs.

DSLRs are far from dead, although the mirror system doesn’t make sense anymore. But as a form factor, big, strong, high performance cameras are not going anywhere. Even Sony keeps making their high end cameras bigger. But in 2018, Sony has amazing autofocus, large sensors, high frame rate, bitrate, resolution in video and some of the best low light performance. And from what we have seen, they do keep improving still. Even their new lenses, even though expensive, they are have very good image quality. The only thing they lack in my opinion is colour. Sony for me never understood colour in their alpha cameras.

Canon on the other hand has the best colour, good autofocus that they keep only on their high end models, low resolution and frame rate in videos but still great detail, large sensors and the best lenses. I don’t think anyone makes lenses as good as Canon. And from my experience, a lens if more important than the camera (unless you do slow motion or cinema work).

Canon though, seems to be very slow at catching up to Sony with processing and resolution. Are they so far behind? I don’t think so. I tried to look for some of their most recent patents and all i found was patents on how to manufacture cameras better, cheaper and with less error. They keep pushing features strategically to higher end products making you want to upgrade. And they only give you everything when you spend a lot. But they do it well. They will offer you a set of features at each price point but they will make sure those features work perfectly.

And they do have every right to try to increase profits but it looks like Sony cares more about consumers. Even Panasonic has cameras with enthusiast feature in lower price points. It is only Canon that pushes profits so much. And i don’t know if they need to do it but it is annoying for my at least. It’s like paying a tax to use their amazing lenses.

But back to the question… Should Canon be afraid of Sony? Apparently yes, they seem to have confidence in their products, the have loyal customers and research that could help them build better and cheaper cameras than Sony. But, Sony is huge and Canons stocks are going down for a while now. So many good competitors are appearing that Canon might need to change its strategy fast. On the other hand, it has some loyal customers and their products aren’t bad, or old. They just need a boost. An upgrade. But we will see how it goes.

But, that just me and how i see things. Let me know what you think in the comments, or leave a like if you like my articles. For more science and tech news follow Qul Mind.

Image: Photo via at Good Free Photos

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