Should NVIDIA make an 1180 GPU in 2018? (rumours + release date)

NVIDIA hasn’t released a new graphics card for a while. They have been focusing on professional products and research. Which is great, we do need research and it will result in better technologies that will eventually become available to consumers. But at this point, the competition (AMD) is not even close to competing with NVIDIA’s high end GPUs and other markets and industries are willing to invest in NVIDIA’s other technologies. So should NVIDIA make another series of consumer GPUs?

They could… or they could use the previous architecture to save some money on design and use the same production line. Although from the leaks and rumours seen lately we will probably see another new architecture from NVIDIA. It may have GDDR6 although i don’t think they will add GDDR6 to all GPUs. Low end GPUs will probably keep using GDDR5 but that ok. Gaming and other desktop and workstation applications don’t really benefit from fast ram. That’s why NVIDIA adds double and sometimes triple the ram in their Quadro cards, focused on professionals.

But should NVIDIA make another GPU for consumers at this point? I would say no. At this point they are focused on AI and cars. They have some of the best tech, and they work with huge companies with the potential to earn a lot more than they would earn from selling graphics cards to consumers for gaming. What i think they will and should do, is wait to release a fully tested GDDR6 line of GPUs for consumers with a new architecture just before, or in the beginning of 2019.

But if the rumours are correct we should see the first graphics cards, probably an 1180 or 2080, sometime in August 2018. With less expensive and other special cards like Ti versions released about a month after that. This is the usual cycle, and while it has been delayed a bit i cant complaint. NVIDIA has increased performance so much that it doesn’t make a lot of sense to buy a very high end GPU unless you are an enthusiast who wants only the best. I wouldn’t care if they delayed it more. And i am sure gamers will hate me for saying that but gaming is not that important and NVIDIA won’t make a huge profit for selling a few more gaming cards.

On the other hand professionals can afford to pay higher prices and buy a lot more graphics cards and other businesses are even able to invest in NVIDIA’s research to get some new specially designed tech for them.

In the sources below i have added some nice articles you may want to read. For more science and tech news follow Qul Mind.



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