Do smartphones need more processors?

It happened again. Now Huawei has also a co-processor for graphics in their high end phones. They claim it will start from now helping with HDR content, battery life and general graphics performance. It is in a form of a chip you can see in the internals of the phones.

This happened first with Google, in the Pixel 2 where there is a processing unit for graphics too. It may also be the reason why the Pixel phones have so good camera performance. Picture quality depends heavily on processing. Phones can’t have large sensors but they can process details in real time, use data from sensors and thus create high quality photos.

Apple has full control over their chips, they design every aspect of them to fit in one or two designs of PCB. But Qualcomm and Android device makers have issues making big, complex and expensive chips because in each step each company has to make a profit.

Now companies may find solutions to this problem by ordering multiple processors. This way all processor manufacturers can make a profit. Then Huawei or Google or any other manufacturer may be able to increase the price, although they may not need to. They make enough profit from the higher end phones to be able to afford another chip.

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