Pregnancy and vaping. Is it safe?

Vaping has been considered a safer alternative to smoking and for women who are smokers especially heavy ones this may seem like a great idea if they become pregnant. But is it really a good idea?

First of all smoking normal cigarettes when non pregnant is way more harmful than vaping. We have discussed it recently here. But still not smoking at all is the best. Now… when a smoker gets pregnant, should she quit immediately? Or should she do it over a months time? Is vaping a convenient alternative?

It is and it isn’t. Let’s be honest, pregnancy isn’t always planned and if it happens that the mother is a smoker quitting immediately will cause issues. It has been proven that the sudden changes when quitting are harmful to the baby. On the other hand even one cigarette during pregnancy is even more harmful. So you can’t quit over a months period either. But now you are stuck. What’s the best solution?

We are getting closer. From the research i looked at it seems that your main problem is nicotine and that your body is used to it. But both vaping and cigarettes will contain it. And vaping without nicotine will be like quitting immediately which again is no good. Nicotine during pregnancy can increase the risk for eclampsia, premature birth, still birth, reduced birth weight, reduced lung function at birth, apnoea, cleft lip and palate.

But that may be the best solution for a light smoker so its best of course to ask your doctor first. Get an opinion from an expert. But here i give you my thoughts from some studies i read. From what i read, the best solution is to quit. As soon as you learn about the pregnancy just quit. If the mother is a heavy smoker then the doctor might allow a small nicotine dosage for a week but that can be through nicotine gums or pills. Vaping introduces problems with the children’s lungs and that is not acceptable. I don’t know based on the current studies and evidence if anyone should allow a pregnant woman to vape or smoke. I am sure there might be cases where it is necessary due to other addictions etc. but i would say and i think your doctor would say the same thing, don’t vape when pregnant.

At the end i have linked some of the studies a found and while here i presented the conclusions of each of them through my eyes you can have a look at them on your own if you want. Also feel free to have a discussion in the comments and even correct me if i am wrong. And for more science and tech new follow Qul Mind.

Sources: The toxicity of E-cigarettes and children’s respiratory health
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