Are foldable phones the future? (Surface phone, Samsung Galaxy X)

Foldable phones have existed before, although then half of the phone was taken up by the keyboard. Now companies like Microsoft and Samsung try to make devices that fold but have a continuous screen on both sides. This is due to the development of flexible/foldable OLED panels.

Such technology has existed for 3-4 years but only recently became cheaper to mass produce. It is not cheaper than normal display technologies but it is close to being able to be used for a high end mobile device. At least that’s what we see from Samsung and Microsoft. They both are trying to make devices with foldable screens. The goal seems to be to increase productivity while minimizing size. And it makes sense, if you could have a small device in your pocket that you take out, unfold and it is as big as a tablet that’s great. Although it may have limitations.

First of all it requires an extra step, opening the lid. Then you have to keep in mind that you lose some space in the hinge that you could have used for a battery. Another consideration is the durability of the display through years of opening and closing it. And then there is the keyboard, specifically in Microsoft’s design, how will they convince people to use a virtual keyboard. At least it has proven to be slightly successful in the lenovo tablet with the virtual keyboard, but still i always prefer an actual keyboard than a virtual one. On the other hand i always prefer a big display than a smaller one and i am a fan of the samsung pen on the Note phones so if they use some similar tech to help you take notes that would be amazing.

Samsung Galaxy X.

According to rumours, the device will have an asymmetrical design with one side being smaller possibly to allow for part of the other sides screen to extend to make a notification bar when closed. It will use some kind of Samsung designed flexible Amoled panel. It will probably have the latest Snapdragon processor, and we may also see some co-processor like we have seen from Huawei and Google, and we expect it sometime in the beginning of 2019. The price should be very high, some say around 2000$ but it is expected from such a new and limited edition device. It will probably be thicker than Galaxy S9 but not by much. But that’s not a problem anyways, phones these days are so thin that it doesn’t matter for me at least. It will also probably have a large battery and a pen. As someone who loves portable productivity machines i think i would buy it immediately. But it is expensive, at this point i could get a laptop and a phone. So, i don’t know if it will end up making sense. I think for 1200$ or less it will be amazing but if it is indeed around 2000$ then even i wouldn’t get it.

Surface phone.

There have been many rumours about the Surface phone. Some say it will even have a custom version of Windows made to work best on it with a virtual keyboard and a taskbar that doesn’t take as much space in the screen. It will also be optimized for ARM processors or it will run on some kind of Intel Atom although i would prefer the ARM option. This device dems to have a foldable display, a design similar to a Surface book 2 (which looks amazing), a pen like all Surface products and be designed as a very portable computer rather than a phone. Its design will be symmetrical though, apparently Microsoft doesn’t care about leaving external displays for notifications. And they probably shouldn’t if this is supposed to be a tablet/laptop replacement. And it really looks like one. I wouldn’t use it for photo or video editing but it will probably be great for some research and writing. This will also cost around 2000$ and will probably compete with the Galaxy X. It is rumoured to be released in 2019 although its release date is being delayed more and more. Possibly due to the fact that Microsoft tries to create a custom version of Windows for it.

I personally really like such devices. I won’t be able to afford gadgets like that but if i could i would definitely buy one. It does show a promising future for mobile devices and i thing in a few years prices will come down and more people will be able to enjoy such gadgets. Let me know what you think in the comments, share this article and follow Qul Mind for more. For the sources you will find links bellow.


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