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Testosterone makes men seek luxury.

A new study found that increased testosterone in men equals with increased tendency to want goods that convey someone’s social position. Which means, that the more testosterone a man has the more he wants that new Ferrari.

I am a man but i am not someone that you see and immediately think oh that guy has a lot of testosterone. I can’t grow a beard or have a lot of hair on my body and although i do have a relatively deep voice my face doesn’t look that manly (at least that’s how i see myself).

But i do like sport cars and watches and nice clothes. I like feeling like i am well dressed and i want my items to match me. I do prefer a utilitarian lifestyle but when i can i tend to get the thing that shows, the thing that makes a statement. I mean, i drive a peugeot 206 but if i could i would get a Ferrari even though for the same price i would be more comfortable in a Mercedes.

So the results of this study seem so weird to me. I may be an exception. But it is indeed interesting to consider this fact. That men with higher testosterone will attempt to show their status through goods. Afterall it does make sense. In nature if you can show through having food or shelter or through fighting your enemies you win the attention of the females. It is a mans trait to attract females and we see it in many animals that goods that show someones power work in attracting women. I am not saying that women want that i just say that in nature it is logical for a female to go for the most wealthy and healthy man. And showing sometimes makes the difference. You may be able to have a high status but a brand itam will show that and that will help you get a woman in nature. Of course with humans in our society it is different, but apparently our bodies and brains have some evolutionary remains like that. So maybe that’s why men tend to like cars and computers and show off with loud cars and flashy computers more than women.

This article ended up being more of my opinion on the topic but it’s now always like that here on Qul Mind. Here you will find the latest science and tech news daily so please follow. If you want to read more on this article check the sources bellow. And if you have something to say feel free to do so in the comments.

Sources: Single-dose testosterone administration increases men’s preference for status goods


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