Why i love and hate Apple products.

Apple has changed a lot lately. They have released the iPhone X with a drastically changed design, the Macbook Pro with a core i9 and have worked to make all of their devices much easier to use, especially for professionals.

My experience.

I have worked with all operating systems, Windows, Mac OS, some Linux distros and even Chrome OS. They are all good for a specific task but for my main computer i can’t use anything other than Windows 10. Not because it’s better than the others, but because it fits my lifestyle. I do appreciate though the benefit of using Mac OS. To be completely honest though, while i have used iMacs and Macbooks, none of them were mine, and i used them mostly for work.

The good stuff.

There are many reasons i would like a Mac. First of all, Macs like Linux systems don’t really slow down with many installed software. Windows 10 is much better at managing tasks, but still Mac is better. This is great for multitasking and even better for people who just use a computer and install anything without thinking about it. It’s perfect for casual users.

Then there is the device itself. Macbooks are one of the most beautiful if not the most beautiful laptops in the market. Sure, HP has made some pretty stylish laptops, but Apple not only builds them pretty, but makes them super durable too.

The specs while far from perfect, are good enough, and if you use Apple software like Final Cut Pro etc. it works perfectly well even in the weakest Macbooks.

Then there is the quality of the ecosystem. I know, features take a lot of time to arrive, but when they do, everything works perfectly. And if you can afford the latest from Apple, they tend to have tech that other companies don’t. For example, the AirPods are amazing, and no other company has managed to make equally impressive headphones for Android devices.

If you try to connect your Android phone to your Windows laptop, you don’t have many options and the setup seems unfinished, while on a Mac, everything Apple made connects easily with minimal effort.

Battery lasts forever on laptops, less on iPhones, but Samsung doesn’t perform much better in this category either. And all displays are perfect for creative professionals or everyday people who enjoy content on their devices.

The bad stuff.

Apple is so competitive that for me at least, kills its own products. I like to use Google Docs, it lags only on Safari. You want to use Chrome? Then not all Apple features work on it. How about Microsoft Office? Let’s say you have to write your dissertation. I see at least 10 Mac users every year come to me with the same request, “my word document on my Mac is corrupted, can you recover it?” The answer is always no. Apple knows that there is this problem, they won’t fix it, and Microsoft won’t either. From my research, it is Apple’s fault.

Then there are the specs. Apple likes AMD, i like them too, but for my desktop. On mobile, NVIDIA is much better at making low power consumption, high performance graphics cards. And still, a 4000$ Macbook Pro with an i9 processor in 2018, has a Radeon 560X.

I hate all the Microsoft Office equivalents that Apple makes. They are simply useless for doing any actual writing, especially if you plant to publish this work somewhere. And all the formats inside a Mac, are designed to be read by other Macs. Want to share something with Windows or Linux users? Sorry…

Features. Apple hates adding tons of features. And here i agree a little bit. Adding tons of options is confusing. I don’t like how Android does it. I think settings should be many, with a lot of options, but hidden in a menu, not spread across the user interface. Apple on the other hand has very limited features, and some are completely stupid. I don’t want a true tone, real time colour adjusting display. I want a colour accurate display. I don’t care about Face ID or a touchbar, i want a lower price i can afford.

Repairs. Apple hates repairing its products for some reason. And they don’t even allow third-party repair shops to do it for them. They are so selfish in building this view around their products, this belief that if something breaks it is the customers fault and they should get a new one. If they want to sell professional devices they have to accept that professionals, use and sometimes break stuff, and they need them repaired easily and quickly.

I could go on and on, but i know there are ways to fix those issues. But at those price points, from a company so big, there should be no compromises. The final complaint i have is with the windows on Macs. Why can’t i drag a window on the side, to make it snap to half of the screen? Who has time to drag and resize windows? Also, why so many long and useless animations? I get it, it looks good, but let me turn it off.

The new exciting stuff.

Adobe is apparently working on a full version of Photoshop for the iPad. If that’s true, the iPad gains a lot of value for Photoshop users. And already, the iPad with Apples latest chips, performs great for almost every task. Combine it with a keyboard cover and you have a simpler but more user friendly Surface.

The new Macbooks. Apple finally gave us some new processors for the new Macbooks. But the cost a lot. Still as a package the prices are competitive with similar Windows laptops, but not all spec choices are perfect. I would be very happy if Apple would remove the touchbar and reduce the price by 100-200$.

iPhone. The iPhone is getting a lot better, and it has so much performance that the only drawback is the battery, that eventually dies after two years. Thankfully Apple allows some replacements, but they are also very bad with repairs.

Apples chips, replacing Intel processors. Yes, there are rumours that this may happen in the next few years and that Apple is optimizing Mac OS to run on their mobile chips. I don’t think they will replace iOS on iPads and iPhones with it. Instead, they will probably make a device like the 12-inch Macbook, with no fans, super thin, with a mobile chip. This would be great for students and people that do light work. We have already seen that Apple’s latest processors can beat i3 CPUs is benchmarks.

My thoughts.

Would i ever buy any Apple products? No, at least for now. If i see that indeed they do care for their customers, and especially the professional ones, then yes. Given that i have the budget for it. But i am more of a utilitarian with my gadgets. I own a cheap Android phone because i know i don’t need the best screen and camera. I have a mirrorless camera for any important pictures and anything i see on my phone is compressed Instagram pictures anyways. As for the laptop and desktop i use, i don’t need them to last 10 hours on battery, look good and have touchbars. I use gadgets for work, not for how they look. But i do appreciate that too. I would get all Apple devices if i had the money and time to learn how to use them. It’s always nice to have more, it’s not necessary though, and i appreciate people who see that.


Those are my thoughts on Apple and how they behave as a company lately. I would like to hear your thoughts on this topic or any other here on Qul Mind. And for more science and tech news, follow Qul Mind on Facebook and Twitter.



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