Cannabis tripling the survival rate of pancreatic cancer patients.

A new study showed that Cannabidiol, can increase the survival rate of pancreatic cancer patients, making it three times longer.

While many treatments have been developed for various cancer types, for pancreatic cancer there hasn’t been much success in improving life expectancy in patients. There needs to be some new development to help pancreatic cancer patients. To treat cancer, genetics is the main area of interest, as the problem is always genetic. There needs to be an identification of a genetic pathway, before a drug can be tested to determine its effects on that pathway.

The G protein-coupled receptor GPR55 promotes the proliferation of cancer cells, thus drugs that inhibit this receptor can potentially stop the cancers proliferative ability. One of the most used drugs to treat pancreatic cancer is gemcitabine (GEM). In this study, GEM and CBD (Cannabidiol) were used at the same time.

As a result, this combination of GEM and CBD proved to increase the survival rate of patients three times more than GEM alone. Although this results was obtained by testing in mice, it may translate well to humans, since those mice have identical genetic mutations to those found in human patients.

The GPR55 receptor along with P53, tumour suppressor protein appear to be the main causes of this cancer, and targeting them shows promising results.

What’s different in this study is, that CBD was used. A molecule found in Cannabis that doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. In a recent article, we found that Cannabis isn’t a proven effective drug for many diseases yet, and there needs to be a lot more research on the effects of those compounds. The legalization of those substances will help a lot in allowing more future studies that are essential in order for us to determine for sure whether those results are valid. While still, all studies remain somewhat limited and more research is needed before patients can benefit from such drugs, it is nice to see that laws allow improvement in science regardless of political conflicts.

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Sources:GPR55 signalling promotes proliferation of pancreatic cancer cells and tumour growth in mice, and its inhibition increases effects of gemcitabine


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