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Why you need SPF 100+ sunscreen.

During the summer is necessary to have some protection from the sun. It is not only about sunburns, since just UV damage to your skin can cause issues regardless of obvious signs of sunburn. Some say that the SPF number on different products isn’t that important, but here i will show you a study that suggests it is.

Many people tend to think that since they don’t get sunburned during the summer, that they don’t need to use sunscreen. But everyone should, since UV damage is really harmful. Modern products are really good at being comfortable, leaving no white marks on the skin or being too oily. But as you get higher protection like SPF100+ you tend to lose some comfort. Thankfully you can find great products that are reasonably comfortable to use with great protection.

Because protection does matter, and while a low SPF number might be ok when driving to and from work for 30 minutes, going to the beach is very different. Actually i know many people whose dermatologist has recommended the use of sunscreen with moisturizing properties daily on sunny days. Of course in most of those cases SPF numbers are less important, but during the summer it is nice to be extra careful.

And it doesn’t cost much either. You can find great deals on Amazon with products that seem great from major brands. Depending on extra features you want the price can certainly go up, but basic protection is fairly cheap.

Do not listen to those who say that SPF numbers are just marketing. First of all, it is something to do with your health, it’s better to pay 5$ more to protect yourself than risking serious consequences. Additionally, studies show that SPF100+ vs SPF 50 sunscreens perform significantly better in real world tests. A recent study (linked below) tested this on people in everyday scenarios and found that it does make a difference.

Then there are safety concerns. With the materials used by each product and brand. I cannot say which one you should buy, but most brands do check for safety, and as long as you follow the instructions correctly and you are not allergic to anything included in the product you should be fine. What i do, is i buy something high quality from a brand i trust and i see others trust too. Another factor is your skin. I have relatively dark skin, you may not, but there is a product for everyone. My advice is, pay the extra, it is worth it.

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Sources: SPF 100+ sunscreen is more protective against sunburn than SPF 50+ in actual use: Results of a randomized, double-blind, split-face, natural sunlight exposure clinical trial.


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