Linux is becoming an almost perfect platform. (Gaming, Productivity)

computer-159837Linux has seen some support from NVIDIA and Valve recently, and that’s great for gamers and people who can live in that ecosystem with those apps. Most jobs can be done in Linux regardless of distro used, and even if you are new to computers you can simply use Ubuntu and be fine with an excellent graphic interface.

My first computer was a Windows Vista laptop, and a cheap one. Windows Vista is a great example for showing why Windows is not the best OS. It was slow in every way. It had many features though for the time, but most of them were useless and poorly programmed. Overall you could get the more premium version of Windows Vista and it would be good, but still very slow.

My next laptop had Windows 7, a huge improvement in every way. So much better, that people still refuse to stop using it today.

At the same time though there is Mac OS (whatever version) that is always fully responsive regardless of apps installed or running in the background, and with the same features and app support. Both Mac OS and Linux distros are based on Unix systems, in a way i couldn’t understand enough to explain, but this is what makes them so responsive and fast.

But Apple is a company that for many reasons i wouldn’t like to pay for anything, and their products are very expensive. So, other than the slow Windows OS i can get Linux. Sure, especially for older hardware it makes sense. For newer computers Windows 10 especially isn’t that bad nowadays. But what about the apps?

Linux has mostly open source software. Instead of Microsoft Office you can get Libre Office, and there are many alternatives that are as good, or sometimes better (at least for me) compared to Windows.

Recently, NVIDIA finally released good drivers for Linux systems, instead of the old weird ways we had to install them. And Valve, made Proton, a project that enables Windows games to be easily played on Linux Systems. It isn’t perfect yet, and some games have issues, but those that work, work amazingly well. Not only that, but this whole thing is based on WINE, an “emulator”/”app” that allows you to install and run apps from Windows on Linux.

But Proton works.

WINE doesn’t. That’s a huge problem. As someone who likes to edit pictures on Photoshop and videos on Premiere Pro, there is no serious competitor for artists on Linux. And using WINE sucks, unless you are ok with a previous version of Photoshop. But i need dehaze, and it never worked for my on any distro. I could only install an older version without the features i wanted. And that fine for some, but i am not giving up photography anytime soon, which means i am stuck with Mac and Windows. It also means that someone has to finally fill that space in the market for a “competitor” to Adobe.

Maybe what we need is a version of WINE like Proton that works with creative apps. But until then, i will need to keep my Windows OS. Maybe i can dual boot to code, write, and surf the web on Linux, while editing pictures on Windows 10. Until such a solution becomes available.



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