2080 Ti or wait for Vega 20 for gaming?

We will soon see at least one new product from AMD. According to rumours, this will be a workstation GPU whose performance will indicate the performance of the other more consumer oriented “gaming” GPUs.

NVIDIA has again improved on their already excellent graphics cards with their 20 series GPUs. Regardless of RTX technology and whether it is worth the money, there is a performance increase compared to the 10 series GPUs. This makes them a lot better that any other graphics card AMD has to offer. As always though it depends on the application you use, but this article focuses on gaming. (Leave a comment if you are interested in productivity applications)


The main question is whether AMD is developing something competitive enough that is worth the money. Should you wait for that product?

I would say yes. Already Vega 64 has proven to be close to a 1080 in gaming, and if the rumours are correct we could see a new AMD card that will perform closer to a 2080 Ti even. The new 7nm architecture apparently can fit more transistors and thus more performance into a much smaller chip. The Navi architecture is also under development and expected to launch later in 2019, but for now i think we will just see a new Vega architecture for gamers, and maybe a few high end workstation Navi GPUs.

AMD has relied on other manufacturers for their new products, that is GlobalFoundries, TSMC and Samsung. We still don’t know how the production will end up being, because GlobalFoundries had issues with 7nm, while struggling to compete with Intel.

At the same time AMD has become a lot more competitive which may allow them to afford research and marketing to sell more products, especially Zen. Competition from Intel and NVIDIA is hard but they still have Zen 2 that will have a lot more performance than Zen according to rumours. I would say that especially for programmers and engineers AMD is a very good option. I know that for my applications Both Ryzen and Vega are excellent options, and although i was never a huge gamer, AMD cards have always performed excellent for me especially if you consider the price. On the other hand if mining gets popular again we may see weird prices and no options for gamers. We will have to wait.


If you experience RTX, and it is an experience you cannot live without, go ahead pay the extra, buy an RTX card. For now though we have not seen real demos of RTX, it’s support is limited, and it wouldn’t matter anyways for multiplayer or competitive games. Also, it looks like it will be running at a very low FPS with RTX on.

This gives AMD a chance to provide pure performance in games and win all of the competitive gamers. Therefore, if you don’t care about RTX the next generation of AMD graphics cards may be an excellent option, and it should arrive before 2019.


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