IPhone XS, XS max and XR. Did Apple die with Steve Jobs?

Apple recently released their new phones. It is the first time we see the old style of iPhone disappear as the home button and bezels are gone for every model. The logic though behind the design of the phones remains the same.

Apple has always been releasing “S” versions of their last gen phones. This used to mean small internal hardware changes. But there was always something more, one last thing…

This time, we have three new products. They are great of course, Apple always releases the best tech in the market with new exciting features. Except this time they skipped the last part.

The XS is an X with better internals basically and an adjusted size. The XS max is the same as the XS but max… bibigger. It is actually a lot bigger and I really like that. Then there is the XR, being small and cheaper in all the important ways. The camera and screen are worse and you get a lot of colours, but different colours than the ones you get with the more expensive XS and XS max, telling everybody from a distance that you couldn’t afford the expensive version.

Apple always does that. They know who buys an iPhone. It’s someone who cares about image, and they know that they can sell phones that cost 1000-1500$. The problem is that it is 2018 and we have phones similar to the XR that cost 300$ less with much better specs from great brands. We also have the galaxy note 9 that is as big and expensive as the new XS max, but… it has a stylus and so. many features that take advantage of the big size of the screen.

People invested in the Apple. ecosystem will have no other option though, and no matter which one they get, they are getting a perfectly good phone. But why not android? Because fashion I guess, everyone has their reasons, but those reasons are getting less and less valid. Samsung is as popular and premium as Apple, so you can’t make. the argument that an iPhone is more of a fashion statement that a galaxy phone, unless you want to show that you spent 50$ more for the highest end iPhone or something. Then if you buy anything less than that the argument is not valid anymore.

And then my biggest frustration with the new line of iPhones, the fact that they did not innovate in any way. Samsung makes the best hardware and that’s fine, but Apple, they just buy from Samsung. They don’t have anything new and revolutionary to offer as they did when Steve Jobs was guiding everything. The best thing they have is the processor that is way ahead of the competition, but with smartphones getting so fast this hardly matters anymore. The camera is. competitive, but not the best. The same. can be said for the display, battery, general features, except from the processor.

People will keep. buying iPhones, until the image that Steve Jobs build around them fades. And with such lack if innovation this may happen soon. I have seen many friends change platform and being happy with an Android phone. And many people who just buy a note 9 or an S9 just to show off, instead of an iPhone like they used to. The competition is hard for Apple. Hopefully they have some amazing iPhone XI? 11? next year.

This is my opinion but I would like to learn yours in the comments here, on Facebook or Twitter, where you can also follow Qul Mind for more science and technology articles.


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