Red Hydrogen One vs iPhone XS vs Galaxy Note 9.

Red Hydrogen One vs iPhone XS vs Galaxy Note 9. Those are some of the most anticipated phones of 2018. But which one is the one for you, and which one wind in each category.

In general i would consider a winner for me to be the Galaxy Note 9. But that’s me. I like the size, Android, stylus, display, camera everything basically. The iPhone XS is great though. Especially performance is amazing. Most other things are amazing too. And that the issue when comparing such phones. It really doesn’t matter which one is the best, because both are perfect. The difference is your ecosystem preference.


The Red Hydrogen One on the other hand… This phone was supposed to be a high end flagship with all the amazing features that every other phone has. The only difference would be that instead of a bezel-less display it would have a 3D holographic display, an amazing video camera and some really cool attachments.

But that phone got delayed so much, that it’s specs are outdated and it is no longer a flagship phone. Now that the Pixel 3 is coming soon with another even better camera, is there really a place for a Red phone?

I think there is, but i wouldn’t expect it to sell a lot. I expect it to sell at the same volumes Porsche and Lamborghini phones sell. Like 150-500 units per release. Red even announced that all of their customers will be receiving a second phone with their order as an apology for the delay. And at this point i can’t even feel bad about them. I wouldn’t feel bad though for those who pre-ordered either… It was a risky move from the start.


How will all those phones compare though?

I think Red will be obsolete at launch, unless Red ships a V2 phone instead of the one they announced with upgraded specs. In that case, if the tech and features they built into it are worth the money maybe it can make it. But the competition is hard, with most companies having great cameras even for video. And not only that, they ave great design and good reputations for the brand. While Red has nothing. The thing is that Red is not stupid, and they have invested a lot and keep investing in this product. So, there must be something i am not seeing that makes them keep trying to make this phone into a real product.

As they try to figure out what to do, Galaxy phones and iPhones are great option if you are looking for the best experience and will probably keep that title for a while.

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