When concept cars become electric. Audi PB18 e-tron.

Audi has only recently fully embraced the electric future of cars with some very interesting concept cars. One of them though is a bit weirder that all the others, lacking a passenger seat and most Audi characteristics.

The designers apparently give this car the nickname, “Level Zero” because of the driver centered nature of this car. It is like combining a hatchback, with the weird back end, a race car, with the single centered driving seat and an Audi TT. It has very aggressive styling, no mirrors, thin LED headlights and massive wheels. Obviously it is a concept car, it wouldn’t be the same if Audi wanted to sell it, but it looks great.

It is powered by three electric motors, one at the front and two at the back with a total of 600hp. It can boost it’s horsepower up to 760hp for a short amount of time, possibly due to battery limitations. It’s battery is 95 kWh, which is less than a Tesla, but Audi wants to put a solid state battery that would allow it to last over 500 km. Not only that but it could charge much faster than normal batteries. But the problem is that such a system will be hard to mass produce in any car.

The car is very light, for an electric, especially with all the features Audi put on this car. It has the usual Audi feature, with autonomous driving, displays and cameras. It lacks some of the more unnecessary luxury features as it’s focus is performance. The driver’s seat can move to either door, to make access easier and then takes the driver to the middle of the car. It is a weird concept, mostly because i would imagine it adds a lot of weight to the car. If they wanted a car that performs well they should be able to sacrifice some comfort.

Obviously again, this is a concept car, designed to excite people about the future of e-tron vehicles. Audi even released electric SUV concept cars. Those by the way look a lot more real and practical.

At the same time Tesla has some issues recently, with Elon Musk being questioned about stock prices and him accusing that guy to be a pedophile. Things are getting weird. But even if Tesla doesn’t make it, they still pushed innovation in a way no one else could. The electric future seems amazing, with cars being, faster, more durable, quieter and cheaper to run. Of course i wouldn’t like for Tesla to disappear, but you could say they already did their job, by making the whole world go electric.

The PB18 is a crazy car, it is a concept, it doesn’t need to even have turn signals. But it shows that Audi has invested in an electric future and that this electric future can have speed and thus, fun. A more logical racing/supercar like the PB18 may come in the future from Audi, maybe to compete with the upcoming Tesla Roadster 2, and i would prefer that. Because the real car would have normal seats to save weight and a more logical, less extreme layout. While i do like the aggressive styling, i don’t think it is that practical, especially if you want to race in it.

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