Are gaming phones any good? (Razer phone)

In the last few years gaming phones have entered the EU and US markets. They are very popular online but do people really buy them?

As a trend, gaming phones are really popular in Asia, where some games attract millions of gamers. Those games have not been as popular in other markets outside of Asia, therefore companies didn’t focus on such things. But now streamers on Youtube and Twitch are streaming mobile games, and people have started playing a lot more. Big games like PUBG and Fortnite have already mobile versions that are as well developed as the PC versions of those games.

So, gaming on a phone isn’t even a compromise, it is just a different experience. But sometimes an old phone is not enough. This makes some hardcore gamers, want more performance and features around gaming. This has caused companies like Asus and Razer to make gaming phones.

Those are devices like any other phone, but with some features that appeal to gamers specifically. First of all great specs, since some games have lots of graphics. Then those phones tend to have more cooling capabilities to be able to perform well for longer gaming sessions, and increased battery sizes. This makes them bulky and generally a bit ugly. Although some may like this style, it is not something that the average person would buy.

Such phones are designed for a very specific market. The problem is that they tend to lack some important phone-features, like great cameras and design, as well as waterproofing and the latest trends. They are unique. This problem makes them only suitable for people who want the best gaming experience on their phone. But this can be done on a Samsung Galaxy S9 or an iPhone XS easily. The extra features while being nice, are not essential and people will need a phone to be good at many things not just one. An S9 will be perfect for everything including gaming. On the other hand a Razer phone will be ok for most things but great for gaming.

When those two options cost the same, especially on a plan, i don’t see why anyone would buy a gaming phone. Obviously some will, but not many, that’s my point. And games are being played by young people. A young adult or teenager will probably not have a big enough budget for such a phone and will end up buying a cheaper phone anyways. On the other hand expensive phones like the Note 9 that focus on productivity will appeal to people that have work to do, therefore older people, therefore people who can afford to spend a bit more.

I think that most mobile gamers will end up buying a cheaper Xiaomi phone or an iPhone or Galaxy. Some will surely go for a gaming phone, but not many, and if you ask me, i wouldn’t recommend gaming phones to anyone, unless you want it as a second phone to stream games or something. In that case you may as well buy a PC, fortnite and tons of skins with the same money though.

Let me know what do you think about gaming phones. Leave a comment and make sure to follow Qul Mind on Facebook and Twitter if like tech and science news.


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