9900K vs Ryzen 2700X.

Intel has recently faced some criticism for their benchmarks on the new 9900K processor. This i9 processor, targets high-end gaming and productivity desktops and is competing with Ryzen, now that Intel finally increased the core count to 8.

So, what happened, in case you haven’t heard already, is that Principled Technologies, a company who conducted the testing for the 9900K, created ideal scenarios, so that Intel CPUs appear a lot faster than AMD equivalent products. Specifically, the 9900K had almost double the performance in some cases.

Companies tend to use benchmarks better optimized for their products and show them, and that’s fine, since this is not a lie. If you choose the test and just it on both products under the same conditions then it is fair enough. But if you not only choose benchmarks that favour your product, but you also hurt the performance of the competing system on purpose, that’s bad.

And obviously such a thing couldn’t stay hidden, and tech journalists found out soon what was going on. After some time, we do now have some results that indicate how the processors perform in some benchmarks. Now we know that 9900K doesn’t perform 40% faster than the 2700X, but only 12% at best. And not only that, but it costs more than 60% less.

This makes 2700X an amazing deal and a great choice for anyone. Especially if you consider that AMD motherboards on average cost less than Intel motherboards.

On the other hand, if you really need the 12% extra performance, and cost isn’t that important to you, the 9900K would be an excellent option too.

From what we have seen from intel with their latest CPUs, the new generation will look a lot like the last one. With the most expensive and the cheapest ones making the most sense to buy. The latest i3 CPUs are amazing for the price, and the best Intel CPUs, are still better than the best AMD CPUs. But if you are looking for a value in between those two, then the Ryzen equivalents will probably be better for most people. This was the case with the 8th Gen CPUs from Intel, and will probably be the same with the 9th Gen. Since Intel has issues with producing chips, AMD may find a chance to become competitive again and make some profit. On the other hand, Intel has a much bigger budget to use in that scenario to become competitive again. But no matter what happens, competition will be amazing for the consumer.

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