Foldable smartphones. The future, or another useless feature?

Companies like Microsoft Huawei and Samsung are all attempting to make foldable smartphones. Is this a good idea though?

A foldable smartphone is something possible to make, but really hard to mass produce. Therefore the first one will need to be extremely expensive. Samsung is the company that could make one first, although other companies may use Samsung technology first to release a foldable device before Samsung creates a more complete product for the market.

We have seen that Samsung has really invested in quality, and they have been developing this phone for about two years now. So, it should be perfectly designed and engineered without any flaws. This is probably why we see such delays.

While Apple has amazing processors and a great operating system for their phones, they can not make displays as good as Samsung does. That’s why they ended up buying displays for the iPhone X from Samsung. Samsung may soon though release a product that we have been waiting for years.

It is said to have a 7-8 inch screen that folds and on the outside a secondary 4 inch display. It sounds weird and inefficient to have two displays like this but most of the rumours report a device being made like that. The specs may be not amazing, and we may see a small battery too. This design is still new and some compromises may be required for it to work.

It is supposed to be called the Galaxy X or Note X. The release date is said to be on November 7th.

I like this concept, although i wouldn’t like a second screen on the outside. But i do really like it as a concept. Having a tablet sized phone is great until you have to put it in your pocket. But if you can fold it then it’s perfect. For some this may appear stupid, but i use bluetooth headphones, as may do today, and i don’t need to place the phone on my head ever. So the size isn’t an issue for me. I also like big phones, especially those with a stylus. For productivity, i think that this will be a great device.

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