Will Diablo make the Nintendo Switch, the perfect console?

Diablo is coming soon on the Switch. Will it be good enough?

The game is coming out soon. It is exciting, and i would love to try it. I have spent tons of hours playing Diablo on my desktop, but playing on the Switch should be amazing. Grinding levels from the couch or when waiting at an airport would be amazing.

According to Blizzard it is supposed to have every feature that the PC version has, as well as cross platform play. Not only that, but graphics appear to also be excellent compared to the PC version. That said Diablo never had amazing graphics, but they are not bad either.

Maybe this is the perfect time for someone like me who got addicted to Diablo when the new Necromancer Update came out. Especially now that a new Diablo special edition coloured Switch comes in November.

The Switch is so good, it wouldn’t need such huge titles to be even better. It is interesting, because it comes from Nintendo. A company that does so many questionable things in terms of product releases but still has enough money to survive essentially forever.

What’s missing is a few essential (at least for me) retro titles. Other than that the Switch has proved to be amazing in every way. Is there a way to improve it though?

Nvidia could certainly produce an upgraded chip. But given how much time it takes for a developer to make a game, or even update some of its assets for higher resolution, it is unlikely that we will see a Switch 2 any time soon. Maybe sometime in 2022. For now though, i don’t see any reason why someone would not buy a Switch. For me, a Playstation or Xbox sucks in comparison.

Nintendo always manages to create amazing games, and amazing experiences. They can target nostalgia driven adults, children and even mainstream people. And they know how to satisfy those people. By making great games, and hardware that just works. Not even 1080p. Just make it work, make it last, make it fun.

What do you think. Leave a comment. I am certainly excited to play the new Diablo on Switch. For more science and technology news make sure to follow Qul Mind on Facebook and Twitter.


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