Real time ray tracing tech. Is it any good?

Nvidia recently announced their new graphics cards with real time ray tracing technology built in. This controversial addition is now starting to become a part of several new games.

Battlefield V will be the first game to support this technology, using Microsoft’s API. This will work with Nvidia’s top cards, the 2070, 2080 and 2080 Ti. Those have dedicated cores to support the calculations required for RTX. The upcoming 2060 and all the cheaper cards will not have those extra cores according to rumours, but will still be performing better than last gen cards, and better in gaming compared to AMD cards. AMD simply said that they will be focusing on other stuff for now, and that they don’t think real time ray tracing should be a priority for them.

Real time ray tracing, is basically a new way to render more realistic lighting effects in complex 3D scenes. Compared to normal light rendering methods, RTX provides more realistic light scattering, shadows, textures and colours. This is because everything is calculated in 3D before it is translated on your 2D screen. Dedicated cores, specifically designed for this task are necessary at this point. Normal GPU cores would not be capable of rendering scenes in such a complex way. Not only that, but graphics cards have hardware that is very optimized for one task only, so it is hard to adapt it to do other things as well.

Nvidia hasn’t responded much to the criticism. And this technology has become a meme lately. Only demos show off how good it looks but we still have no idea how it performs.

Some reviewers though, reported this week, that Battlefield V with RTX on, on a 2080Ti can’t even reach 50fps. Without it, the card can easily do 100+fps. This shows how early it is for such tech. While it is a great add-on for Nvidia cards, i wouldn’t buy one just for this feature. And it is even weirder that Nvidia named their new cards RTX instead of GTX, showing that they do have this feature. If this technology was so essential to the new Nvidia GPU series then i think, it should be more complete. Maybe they should wait until they could build a card that can at least to 60fps with RTX on.

For now, even if you do like the real time ray tracing tech, and the new GPUs from Nvidia, it looks like you are paying more and getting less. Imagine yourself next year, when the next generation of GPUs will be able to play new games with real time ray tracing and you won’t even be able to play last years games at 60fps. Maybe it is a driver issue. Maybe not. I still hate the fact that so many people preordered those cards before seeing this tech working. But that’s 2018…

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