Google Home Mini. The CHEAPEST Google Assistant. Is it any good?

The Google Home Mini, is the smallest and cheapest Google Home device you can buy, and for Christmas you can find it for as low as 30£ in stores like currys in the UK. I have been using one for about a month and this is what i think about it.

First of all, the design.

It looks great in any room, in any place. It doesn’t look like a gadget, and doesn’t attract too much attention. The same is true for the rest of the Google Home products. I got the chance to listen to all of them and look at them in person and they would all be great in any home. The only problem is that Alexa devices look better in the kitchen. The fabric on top doesn’t really fit the kitchen, at least for my home. The lights are never on, except from any time you ask it something or if you have a reminder.

The sound.

From the time i bought the device, i have started listening to music a lot more frequently. It is easy to program it to play specific playlists when you say “Hey Google, Good Night” or “Good Morning”. You can also have it play music if you say “Hey Google, I am home” or just say “Play music”. You can specify the music service you prefer, and that’s it. I use spotify and the experience is great.

In my small studio apartment the volume never needs to be more than 40% and it never sounds bad. The sound quality isn’t amazing, but for the price it is good enough. The original Google Home, has much better speakers, and the big Google Home Max is amazing. But both would be too loud for my apartment. What i would do if i really cared about sound, is buy a second one and have them programmed to play music from different spots. The one that sucks is the Google Home Hub, the one with the display, that has tiny speakers, but this one is great for the kitchen or the bedroom.

There are devices from Sony with the Google Assistant available and they sound a lot better for the price if you don’t really care about looks. At 99£ those are excellent options but it all depends on your preferences.

The Assistant.

I hate the fact that she (the Google Assistant) doesn’t have a name like Alexa, which is more natural to say than “OK Google” or “Hey Google”. It is smart though, smart enough to answer questions, manage reminders and smart home devices, like Philips Hue.

It cannot though shuffle a Spotify playlist, it cannot skip many songs at a time and it cannot READ MESSAGES. This is my biggest complaint with the Google Home Mini and it is the same with all Google Home devices. I thought that because i use Gmail and Google calendar and Duo, i could have everything accessible with my voice, but it is not yet supported.


This is a great device. Not for 50£, but for 30£ it is perfect. For a bigger house i would get the original Google Home because of the bigger speakers and maybe an additional Google Home Mini. If you can afford it the Google Home Max is great, but a luxury (at least for me).

This is my opinion and review of the Google Home Mini. If you have something to say about Virtual Assistants and smart home devices, leave a comment. If you enjoyed this article you can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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