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Defend against drones. Solving the London Gatwick airport problem.

Drones have become very sophisticated and this is just the beginning. It is 20/12/2018 and the Gatwick airport in London has closed due to an unknown drone.

It may sound crazy, but a drone has been detected in the Gatwick airport in London. Let’s start by stating the fact that flying a drone within a kilometer of any airport in the UK, is illegal and you can face up to 5 years in prison. However, whoever is responsible for this mess is about to be punished a lot more than that.

When the drone was detected, all flights got delayed until the police could find it and get it off the sky. The drone managed to get away and then reappear later. This caused one of the largest and busiest airports in the world to shut down. At the moment they try to manage customers, offer them a place to stay and sleep and any help possible. The latest update was that the military was involved in the solving of this issue. Regardless of how this story ends, i think it is time to discuss anti-drone technologies.

Signal Jammers.

Signal jammers, can emit powerful signals that mimic the ones from the drones controller and force the drone to obey and land. Some of them are so powerful that they can be used from kilometers away and disable drones instantly. Some communication technologies used in drone controllers may be somewhat immune to this, but it tends to work well.

Net shooting drones.

There are drones that can carry a net, hunt another drone and drop the net on it, forcing it to fall down. The problem is that they are expensive and need to be operated precisely, since you only get one shot at hitting the target. Battery life is also an issue, due to the extra weight of the net and the mechanism that shoots it.

Trained eagles.

Nature is way ahead of technology, especially when it comes to flying. Eagles can be trained, and people have proven that they could successfully take down a drone. They have strong claws and can fly in a more controlled way. Not only that, but there can be more than one eagle hunting the same drone, since they are a lot more autonomous than drones.


A trained shooter, if he can see the target, can shoot the target. Of course the idea of someone with a gun pointed at the sky in an area where planes with people in them take off may be scary for some people. But this may be a real solution.


There should be systems in place that detect drones in airports so that the authorities can be contacted immediately. If this is handled correctly the problem could be solved within a few hours.

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Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/gray-and-green-quadcopter-drone-on-ground-744366/

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