Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060. Good, but not great.

The new RTX 2060 from Nvidia is coming soon and we already know almost everything there is to know about this card from rumours. As always, it is safe to predict that most if not all of the rumours are true at this point.

When should you expect this card to launch.

The RTX 2060 is coming in early 2019, probably some day at the start of February. Due to lack of competition from AMD and some other things, Nvidia will probably play it safe and release it later, leaving room for more people to buy the 2070 or 2080 instead. They also recently had some successes with AI development, so things are going well there. They probably don’t really care that much about a new consumer GPU release, especially a budget one.

Are they launching anything else with it?

I expect them to make some software adjustment to RTX, so that games can play with RTX ON on a 2060. Maybe driver improvements, or a medium mode. A way to reduce the effect of RTX. Although, based on how the technology works, i am not sure if that can be done without some unnecessarily complex algorithms.

What about performance and specs?

The RTX 2060 will have a new architecture, Turing, with more cores than the 1060 and significantly more texture units. The memory is the same, but a bit faster. You can find full specs at the original source at the end of this article. But basically it is a 30% improvement in specs. Additionally, there are now RTX cores in this GPU. Probably not enough to run games at playable frame rates, even at low settings, but we will have to wait and see.

Nvidia did release a high end GPU with its main feature being unutilized my games until 3 months later, and even then the game run at half FPS with RTX ON. Therefore they might just release it with RTX, while the only game available is the new Battlefield. Maybe they expect that lighter games will run on the 2060 with RTX ON. But still, this is a new premium feature. They could have just left it out of the more affordable cards.

Overall in normal tasks it will perform at least 25-30% better than a 1060, which is closer to a 1070. It should also be a bit more expensive when released compared to the initial price of the 1060. For a budget card it will be a good card according to rumours. It will be interesting to see if AMD has some surprise, but they seem to not be doing very well with graphics lately. At least RYZEN is great.

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