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Stem Cells Treating cancer. It is real!

In west Belfast, a woman suffering from leukemia, or blood cancer, took a treatment with stem cells from a donor and was able to survive. After hearing news about misuse, of stem cell technologies in the US, it is nice to see such stories. The woman is 24 years old, and had non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. It has been extremely tough for her.

Thankfully, a donor, was willing to give her stem cells. How those stem cells were acquired and saved we do not know, but it is possible that the donor has cord blood in a private bank for personal use in the future in case he needs it. If that is the case, then this is a very kind move.

Before taking the stem cells into her bloodstream, she had to do a lot of chemotherapy, something that made her sick. Not only that, but due to some allergic reactions to some of her medication, the condition wasn’t good. After that though, the stem cells could be injected. It would be great if we had more precise information on the case. There are so many variables we do not know about the stem cell therapy she received.

It is great though to know that after a few days, she feels good again, and hopefully she is fully treated after a while. Such stories show us how kind people can be, and give hope to those who need it, so it is nice to include them even if they are not as scientific as articles tend to be on Qul Mind.



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