This Christmas, leave the beer and get some wine instead.

During holidays, most people who drink alcohol tend to drink more. And this is fine, but why not get healthier while drinking?

It has been known for years, that resveratrol is a very strong antioxidant, and can help with many aspects of health in humans. Newer studies are still being published, showing that those claims are true and encouraging us to include more foods with high concentrations of resveratrol in our diets. Such foods are: peanuts, grapes, red wine and berries.

This article will give you some information on how resveratrol helps your cells and tissues remain healthy. You should be fine if you are familiar with basic genetics.

Resveratrol is not only a good antioxidant, but a potent antiplatelet and anti-inflammatory agent. There are several molecular and genetic pathways that contribute to the effects of resveratrol. One issue with it, is that in vivo, when consumed, the benefits of it are less substantial. There are ways to solve this issue though. Larger doses may work better for humans, and molecules may be used with resveratrol to help it reach the tissues and cells it needs to. Nevertheless, even normal consumption of foods that contain resveratrol has been proven effective, so that’s great for people looking to introduce some new antioxidants to their diet. And it is a great excuse for drinking wine. You may prefer beer, and i do too, but there are many types of wine, and if you read the rest of the article you may want to consider one of them.

Resveratrol has been shown to affect some pathways. Most importantly, SIRT-1, and in turn TLR4/NF-κB/STAT, pathways linked to inflammation. We have seen and even reviewed in tons of articles here on Qul Mind many foods and drugs that do the same, by inhibiting those pathways. Resveratrol does that very well. It also inhibits COX-1 and COX-2. This contributes to its platelet related attributes. Another great benefit of resveratrol, is that it protects from the accumulation of ROS, reactive oxygen species in the body. ROS increase in concentration due to many factors, but even the regular actions of our metabolism may release ROS and therefore, some antioxidants are always beneficial.

If you want to read more about Wine and grapes, we have a great article here on Qul Mind, that is even more accurate today, that we have additional studies reaching the same conclusion. Can wine and grapes treat cancer, diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases?

It seems that it can do a lot more than that. All due to resveratrol. Of course some better than others, but the health benefits of resveratrol are so great it is hard to believe. It has the potential to be used as a drug or supplement to reduce inflammation, helping people suffering from Atherosclerosis and other diseases. It can help with platelet aggregation, something that can help reduce cardiovascular disease, especially for people with higher risk. It can help with diabetes, and it can help improve the circulatory system, in a way that is very beneficial for the brain and helps in the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases.

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Sources: Beneficial Effects of Resveratrol Administration—Focus on Potential Biochemical Mechanisms in Cardiovascular Conditions


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