NVIDIA TITAN RTX. An impressive spec list. But a reasonable price.

The new GPU king from Nvidia is here and has some very promising specs.

This new Titan, has everything, and is what everyone wants, but most probably not what everyone needs. Nevertheless we like tech and in this article we take a look at this impressive GPU.

18.6 Billion Transistors, 24GB GDDR6, 4608 CUDA Cores and 280 Watts. This is a huge graphics card and it is 600£ cheaper than the Titan V when it was released. Obviously, it has RT Cores, 72 of them, so it will perform great in Ray Tracing tasks. While it is a lot more expensive compared to any other Nvidia “Consumer” GPU, you are getting the best and you pay an extra for it. At least even for those who do have the money to spend, it is a more reasonable price this year. There are reasons to consider the Titan V still despite the huge price, since it is slightly faster in some areas compared to a Titan RTX. But overall the RTX Titan is a much better value.

The YouTube channel Gamers Nexus though, found some issues with the card. Some units were frozen at 1350 MHz due to a bios bug that kept the card at an “idle”mode even in benchmarks. Thankfully this can be fixed with a simple bios reset and it looks like only very few cards were affected.

This may be the first and only GPU this year, capable of maxed settings RTX ON gaming. It is also capable to get scores of 40000+ in Firestrike when overclocked and liquid cooled. It is interesting that we see a reasonable price at the high end from a company that has stayed so far ahead of competitors for so long.

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