Ryzen 3000 with Zen 2 will be 10% faster than Intels Sunny Cove.

Ryzen 3000 with Zen 2 architecture and 7nm transistors is comming soon and it looks like it will be a very fast CPU generation.

Ryzen 2000 series has already many fans and for good reason. Since the original Ryzen chips were announced, PC gamers, and even more professionals who need powerful computers, have been excited for AMDs offerings. It is not only the fact that AMDs CPUs are cheaper, but they also are the only competitor to Intel in this market. We need AMD to succeed, so that we can have better prices. We saw that last year, immediately after the release of the new Ryzen processors, Intel lowered their prices.

At a point in which Intel faces issues in their production, AMD is making some huge promises about their products. So what do we know for Ryzen 3000 at the moment? Not much, but there are tons of rumours. It is very possible to see ECC support, which is a great feature Intel keeps for Xeon CPUs that are a lot more expensive. DDR4 RAM, AM4 socket, and PCIe 4.0. The last one is not confirmed, but considering AMDs interest in PCIe 4.0, it is very possible.

Some rumours claim that Ryzen 3850X will have 16 cores with 32 threads, clocked at 4.3 with a boost to 5.1 GHz. AMD claims that they have improved per clock performance by 15% and another 10% in single thread performance. They also have an architecture without issues like Specter and Meltdown. This helps them avoid sacrificing performance for security.

I am interested to find out how many PCIe lanes will be available in the new generation. If there is this 35% increase in total performance, even if that is only for calculations in productivity apps, as someone who codes, and analyzes data, edits photos and likes CPU speed, this will be amazing. And if it is that fast with optimized multithreaded performance, even if gaming isn’t as good, it will still be at least 20% better.

As a total, based on similar rumours about Intels new CPUs AMD should be 10% ahead in performance for the same price. Either that, or Intel will have great deals with competitive pricing this year.

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