ThinkPad earbuds from Lenovo. ThinkPods for your ThinkPad?

Lenovo released a pair of wireless headphones called thinkplus pods one in China.

They are simple, black and red earbuds, with some water resistance, Bluetooth 5.0 and good battery life. Nothing too exciting. They have a cable connecting the two earbuds, so they are not as wireless as the Apple AirPods, but i don’t mind that. They look like Jaybird clones, which is not bad, since people really liked those headphones.

The design looks nice, bud i wouldn’t be surprised if this was just a rebranded product from an OEM manufacturer in China. The only issue is with the weird branding. Why ThinkPad? Are they super durable, or in any way business oriented? Is there a special technology that allows them to connect to your phone and ThinkPad at the same time without any configuration?

The answer to all those questions is probably no. The way i see it Lenovo made those 40£ headphones just to make some extra profit in China, and they will probably not bring them to other countries. There is nothing ThinkPad like about them, and nothing special at all. It is a disappointing product from a company and brand that i personally really like.

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