Labeling GMOs. Genetically modified food labels suck, and they won’t get better

In the US, the Department of Agriculture has finalized its decisions on how GMO foods should be labeled.

In the US, genetically modified foods are more common compared to the EU, where GMOs are not allowed in many countries. There can be a discussion on the safety of GMO products, but for this i would recommend you to read a great article here. There are many reasons why genetically modified foods are considered bad, and people have a lot of opinions, but i am trying to only write on the facts that have been proven in experiments of published studies. And from such evidence i think that GMOs are not harmful in any significant way, and in some cases can have additional health benefits. Of course there are exceptions to that as always, and this is why we need to be clear about what products contain, by displaying that on labels. Not only that but i think companies that sell food, or food ingredients need to be tested and approved by authorities before selling genetically modified products. Because as a technology genetic engineering is excellent, but one mistake from one company can take us years back in terms of progress.

From 2016 The USDA had to find a way to create labeling standards for foods containing ingredients, or beings made with genetic engineering techniques. This is finally done, and people are a bit sceptical still. The companies selling such products will now need to inform customers through: a written out disclosure, an illustrative USDA-approved symbol, the use of QR codes scannable by smartphones or a website link, and text messages.

Foods containing highly refined sugars and oils that were made from genetically engineered crops will not need to be classified as GMO and do not need a label. I personally don’t mind this , since such products do not contain genetic material and should be perfectly safe regardless of any genetic modifications. But some people disagree, which is logical, and there will be further discussions on this until this law is forced in 2022.

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Sources: Establishing the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard


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