RTX 2070 Max-Q. The new mobile Nvidia GPUs are looking good.

The new Nvidia 20 series, RTX mobile GPUs are coming soon. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

The new Nvidia GPUs are great, and nothing performs like them in any task. They have been getting more expensive every year, but there is no competition. This is especially true for laptops. But we are still waiting for the RTX 2080 laptops. New rumours say, those are coming at CES 2019.

So we do have a few months, but if the rest of what we know through rumours is true, you may want to put a listing on Ebay for your last gen gaming laptop, because the new GPUs are amazing. The RTX 2070, will apparently be faster than a Radeon Vega Frontier Edition for DESKTOPS.

This is a huge increase in performance and we also have RTX tech built in. I don’t expect anyone playing Battlefield with RTX ON on Ultra even on a 2080 Ti laptop, but you should be able to lower some graphics and get it playing at 60FPS. The difference between desktop and laptop hardware isn’t that big anyways. Unfortunately this is only true with Nvidia cards, and if we don’t see any competition from AMD soon enough the prices will go up.

We also have information about a few other mobile cards in their mobile series, which look very promising too. Specifically the MX250, should be a great low power GPU, for ultrabooks and should perform similarly to a 1050 or 1050 Ti. Bellow you can find some more details about the new Nvidia cards for laptops.

Name RTX 2060 RTX 2070 RTX 2080 RTX 2080 Ti
GPU TU106 TU106 TU104 TU102
Process Node 12nm 12nm 12nm 12nm
Cuda Cores 1920 2304 2944 4352
Clocks(MHz) 960-975 1300 1590-1230 1540
Memory Bus 192 256 256 352
Memory clock(Gbps) 12 12 12 14
Memory bandwidth(GB/s) 336 320 384 616

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