The 3 best laptops for work in 2019.

Those are the 3 best laptops for work in 2019. By work I mean, video editing, photo editing, software development, Chrome, documents etc. It’s a laptop list, so I am not considering any big laptops that cannot last a full work day.

  1. HP Spectre x360 2019.

First of all, this laptop looks like jewellery, it is so stylish it makes MacBooks look bad. With quad core CPUs and a 1050Ti, this has excellent performance for anything you might want to do. It cannot game as well as big gaming laptops but according to reviews the battery lasts easily a whole day. This is great for professionals who want to move around and do a lot of work at the same time. It can easily handle video editing or 3D design, as well as compiling code, editing pictures or just sending emails all day with 50 tabs open. It isn’t the most powerful laptop but it can do everything and it will be able to keep up with anything you might want to do.

  1. Dell XPS 15 2019.

Just like the Hp Spectre, the XPS has all the features you could want in a portable laptop. A quad core CPU, a 1050Ti and excellent battery life. It doesn’t look as good, but it can do the job no matter how hard it is or how long it lasts. Again, this won’t be an amazing gaming laptop even though it can play games. It is designed for work mainly and portability.

  1. Lenovo ThinkPad T480.

This is a bit cheaper compared to the last two laptops but for the price, it offers an excellent build quality, keyboard, display, durability and battery life. It lacks a dedicated graphics card, but if you don’t really need one you can save some money and battery with this option.


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