7 Reasons why Python is the Best programming language.

Python is a great programming language. It is open source and there are tons of libraries and examples online you can use to develop your app. Here I describe the best features of this programming language.

  1. Open source.

Puthon is open source which means that there are no weird services and APIs attached to it. This means that developers are free to work however they like.

  1. Popular.

Writing code in a weird language that only a few developers use is hard. When you get a problem it is hard to find a solution and even harder to find one that solves your issue with you hardware and software parameters. With python you can be certain that Google, GitHub and Stack overflow are there for you with tons of resources to help you do almost anything.

  1. Powerful.

You can use APIs and libraries that allow you to do complex things like Machine learning. Those can run perfectly with Python and performance is great.

  1. Supported.

You can use Python locally, on the web and even in mobile to develop applications or scripts that work in the backend of your apps.

  1. Run almost everywhere.

Python code runs on any platform and device. If you write a solution for websites who perform complex queries, you know that whether your script run on clients or host devices it will run as expected.

  1. Clean code.

Python requires coders to use tabs and natural language to code. While the language may seem scary if you are used to java or C#, it isn’t and you can easily get used to it.

  1. The future.

Machine learning is the future and most algorithms are developed in Python. As a developer you should consider learning how to take advantage of this language and introduce Python scripts to your project.

Image: The people from the Tango! project. [GPL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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