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The Thought Emporium, one of the most interesting scientific YouTube channels.

YouTube has everything nowadays. You can find stupid videos to laugh and relax, or interesting videos that make you think. There is definitely something for everyone on the site, and i think i have found something for me.

I am a biologist, and i really like the DIY Bio community. I have attempted to build some projects myself, including a spectrophotometer, that i plan to turn into a flow cytometer. If you are not familiar with biological machines or biology in general, those things may seem too complex. But if you have a basic understanding of science, meaning knowing a bit of everything, like the stuff a high school graduate would know, you can easily understand some of those concepts. If you are interested and want to learn more this channel describes how machines work and how to do biological experiments at home in a very informative and fun way.

He (couldn’t find his name) explains details that i already know but without making it sound boring. Maybe it is because the pace is relatively fast, but i like the structure of his videos, and i ended up watching all the biology related videos on his channel. He does other videos about physics stuff, that i understand but seem really boring to me. But you may like it. Because the way those are presented is very important and this channel is doing it right.

Something i always want to mention though, when talking about DIY biology, is that safety is very important. You could harm yourself and others if not careful. When doing experiments in biology, waste disposal, consumables, disinfectants and protocols are absolutely necessary before you even think to start your experiment.

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