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We offer news on topics like science and technology. We like to do things properly, so all of our articles have references, so you can find the original source of our information. You can post news as well if you are interested in sharing with others your knowledge and having a discussion in the comments.


How To Tutorials

Find How To articles, that have steps and pictures, easily layed out so you can recreate projects. Post your tutorials easily and show others how you build stuff or provide suggestions and improvements to other peoples How To articles.



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More comming soon

A lot of amazing, exciting features will be comming soon, so bookmark Qul Mind for that or just make an account and we will let you know when those are comming.


You will be able to buy tools and components to make more projects from our own store at great prices. You will be buying with credits that you will get through a subscription and through posting articles. Sounds complicated, but the goal is to give everyone the chance to earn some credits with or without being a member and paying a subscription.


Earn for posting

We want to reward really active users with credits they can use to buy items from our store. You wont need a subscription for this. Just poist earn credits use them to buy stuff.


Fund your Ideas

If you have a great idea but no budget for it, ask people to donate credits to you, and use those credits to buy the tools you need from our store.