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Everything you need to know about DNA sequencing.

DNA sequencing is used in more and more applications like forensics and medicine. You might have heard about it in the news. In this article i will show you all the different technologies used to sequence a DNA molecule and how they differ. The field of genetics is becoming increasingly important and knowing enough about how it works is certainly a benefit.

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Testosterone makes men seek luxury.

A new study found that increased testosterone in men equals with increased tendency to want goods that convey someone's social position. Which means, that the more testosterone a man has the more he wants that new Ferrari. I am a man but i am not someone that you see and immediately think oh that guy… Continue reading Testosterone makes men seek luxury.

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Do your genes determine if you can play football?

Genetic variation exists within population of different ethnic origin and even different families. This difference in the genes of individuals even if small can make some better than others in sports. But by how much?

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Fitting a whole molecular biology lab on a single chip.

I never understood microfluidic devices fully. They seemed very complex and while in theory their design seemed simple, i could never get any experience in making one by myself as an undergraduate student. And all those benefits i have been hearing about them, being able to detect pieces of DNA, even those that exist in… Continue reading Fitting a whole molecular biology lab on a single chip.

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The problem with Westworld. (Consciousness)

This may seem one of the most random topics on this website but trust me it's relevant. In uni I focused on healthcare and genetics, but my degree is in biology so I ended up with some additional knowledge on behaviour, brains and cognition. Since Westworld came out I became ”obsessed”, I watched every episode and… Continue reading The problem with Westworld. (Consciousness)