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3D bioprinted organs. Are they comming any time soon?

3D bioprinting is a technique very similar to normal 3D printing, but instead of being used to make prototypes out of simple inorganic materials, it is used to make living three-dimensional tissues. It has been studies for a while now and several developments have been made in this field. So how close are we to the creation of the first 3D bioprinted organ ready to be transplanted into a patient?

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What if a future robotic eye surgeon damages your eye?

For the first time, a remotely operated robot performed an operation in the eye of human patients. Other studies have also show that robots can be as good and sometimes better than human surgeons.


Ryzen Pro and Threadripper 2nd Generation coming in the second half of 2018.

AMD has released some interesting CPUs and continues with the second generation of the Ryzen processors. Although it was a bit underwhelming seeing that the performance didn't change much. We are still expecting a second design of the Zen architecture but this will probably come later in 2019.