5 DIY projects to do in quarantine.

Posted: May 29, 2020, 10:46 a.m.

By: mynameismike

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5 DIY projects to do in quarantine.


1. DIY Beer

Some dont know this but it is very easy to make beer or even wine at home. On Amazon you can find kits that include everything you need to get started. You are basically just growing some yeast in some nutrients in a relatively clean vessel. Nothing has to be perfect and is low maintenance for a week or so and then you get some beer. Easy.

You can do more though if you are interested. You can play with additives, temperature and other growth conditions and media and make unique beer. Is hard to do something wrong or dangerous unless you do crazy things. But i would say, find a robust recipe online and follow it. When you get comfortable make any small adjustments and slowly build your skills. It can turn into a fun hobby or even a business.

2. Furniture building

All you need is a saw, wood and some paint. You can get most of them delivered from B&Q and avoid going out. From there it is simple. Cut pieces to size glue them together or screw them or both and thats it.

A few interesting ideas are storage boxes and shelves. Things with corners so that you dont have to make complex cuts. Use a saw blade with many teeth for wood and always double ckeck your measurements. If you get something wrong you can sand it to size or stick something on top of it like fabric for example. 

3. App/Game programming

Simple and easy to do on most PCs. You dont need anything too powerful. Start with a big engine thats free if you want game development. Like Unity or Unreal Engine. Open source is harder but better if you do something that you intend to publish because you are not attached to a company. It is always a good idea to choose platforms with many users and lots of good documentation.

For apps i would choose flutter, so that it is compatible with IOS and Android. You can use Android Studio and Kotlin for Android but then unless you have a Mac you cannot do IOS.

4. Custom 3D printer

You can also build a 3D printer, upgrade one you already have or get one. You can save a lot of money though if you invest the time and effort to build one as a kit or from scratch. It will cost more than 250 no matter what so be prepared for that. Unless you are willing to make some serious compromise. But with a few aluminium extrusions and parts designed for the ender 3 you can have a fully custom 3D printer. Or buy an Ender 3 clone like i did and upgrade everything. Still cost me 250-260 and works perfectly. Plus now i know exactly how it works and how its built.

5. Custom CNC

Same as above, but cost will be higher. At least 550 for a decent one. But its worth it. You can do a MPCNC, mostly printed CNC if you have a 3D printer already or get a frame and spindle and do it with parts. Start with wood then move to aluminium and later after a few upgrades if you are brave enough some steel.

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