iPhone 11 pro. First look, first thoughts.

Posted: Sept. 10, 2019, 8:37 p.m.

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iPhone 11 pro. First look, first thoughts.

It is finally here.

September is here, which means a new iPhone. This was an interesting launch though, at least for me. I am not a fan of Apple products but this time things were different.

The new iPhones have all the features you would want. I am mostly happy to see them implement WiFi 6, high res displays and excelent processors. The rest of the features are expected improvements to the specs so they wont surprise anyone.

The cameras are probably excelent but i cant say anything unless a reviewer shows us pictures taken in the real world.

Overall a great phone. Very expensive. Too expensive. But you pay for the brand amd you know it. So if you want one you probably dont care what i have to say, so go ahead and buy one, i am sure you wont be disapointed. But i have some concerns for Apple as a company and their character. 

Apple in my opinion still has lost its original values. Design is awful with those three cameras and that huge back box. At least the materials and the new greenish colour look good. But then again all the new features have existed for android devices for years. And the old Apple that used to be all about quality and minimalism, now has three cameras on a smartphone.

It all feals desperate.  Maybe this is due to the decline in sales, or the fact that smartphone innovation has almost stopped in recent years. Maybe its both.  But if i were Apple i would stick to my minimalism instead of following trends. Apple used to make the trends. I guess now that gone too.

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