The A13 Apple chip could power a Macbook.

Posted: Sept. 10, 2019, 9:04 p.m.

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The A13 Apple chip could power a Macbook.

Apple just released a lot of new products. Most importantly the newest iPhone model, iPhone 11. It is great, has all the features you will ever need. Feels like a very minor upgrade though. The processor on the other hand is very good. To the point that it could easily outperform a laptop processor.

Apple has been making great processors for iPhones and iPads since the second gen iPad Air and the iPhone 5. They really know what they are doing and now they have a lot of experience too. They outsource the manufacturing of the chips but they design everything, including the OS of all of their devices. 

With the performance of the A13 they can easily modify the chip to consume a bit more power, have a few more megs of cache and put it in a fanless slim Macbook. It would be super efficient and would easily beat Intel chips, at least the low-end ones. The key would be in making Mac OS run fully featured on it with no bugs. But this is challenging even for Apple.

I am sure Apple would love to avoid paying Intel when they can easily have their own chips in half of their computers. I guess there are issues with software. Maybe with mass production too.

When Microsoft released Windows for Surface RT to run on ARM processors it was a mess. Nobody wants a laptop that can't run all the Windows apps, no matter how 2in1 it is and how ergonomic it's hinge is.

On the other hand maybe the timing will never be perfect for ARM. Maybe back then, Microsoft had the right vision, making the Surface RT at that point in time would mean great efficiency and decent performance for those who can wait for the developers to catch up. But now, there are very efficient Intel cpus that provide great efficiency and performance. It doesn't make a lot of sense to rewrite an OS for a completely new architecture. Or maybe it does make sense and the benefits will be amazing. But i have some doubts about that.

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